Founder and Executive Director

Mohan Sudabattula

Mohan is a fourth-year student at the University of Utah pursuing honors in his Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Philosophy, and Health, Society and Policy with an expected graduation date in May 2019. 

Prior to founding Project Embrace in October 2016, Mohan served in both the legislative and executive branches of the University of Utah’s student government before running for Student Body President. More recently, Mohan was worked as an Undergraduate Research Leader for the Office of Undergraduate Research and currently conducts interdisciplinary research in bioethics, global health, and public policy. Outside his role at Project Embrace, Mohan serves as a Policy Innovation Fellow at the Sorenson Impact Center, where he regularly engages with local governments and nonprofits to help promote social impact.

Mohan aspires to be a public servant and strives to pursue a dual graduate degree in law and public policy. His dedication to protecting and promoting human rights inspired Mohan to launch Project Embrace with the aims to reduce health inequalities and increase healthcare access through social innovation and civic engagement.




Gabrielle is currently a senior at the University of Utah pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering and will be working towards her Master's in bioengineering beginning in 2019. 

Gabrielle's research interests include neuroscience, deep brain stimulation, and neural engineering. Prior to joining Project Embrace, Gabrielle worked as a research assistant to Dr. Chuck Dorval in the department of biomedical engineering, and now currently works as a research assistant with Dr. Erik Jorgensen in the department of biology at the University of Utah. Today she serves as an ambassador for the College of Engineering where she works with local community partners to promote higher education and women in STEM.

Gabrielle aspires to attain a Ph.D. in neural engineering to better assist those living with neurodegenerative diseases, as well as promote access to essential healthcare services for all. With her incredible work ethic, Gabrielle is eager to apply her knowledge and experience to Project Embrace's vision for global health.




Abigail is a first-year student at the University of Utah pursuing an honors degree in both Political Science and Health, Society, and Policy.

Abigail currently serves as Vice President of the Pre-law Student Society, and previously interned for City Councilwoman Michele Weeks (Draper, UT). Additionally, Abigail volunteered at Primary Children’s Hospital which sparked her interest in helping others as well as her interest healthcare systems and access to health care services.

Abigail first joined Project Embrace as an inaugural member of the "Global Health Fellows" program before retaining her position as our Director of Operations. Abigail intends to go to law school to become an advocate for improved healthcare access and global health. With an eagerness to engage her local community in global health, Abigail is thrilled to help advance the operations of Project Embrace.