Mohan Sudabattula


Mohan Sudabattula began Project Embrace at age 20 as a student at the University of Utah. Currently, he is a third-year, of five, pursuing honors with his three majors in biochemistry, philosophy, and health, society, and policy. Mohan is also heavily involved with ASUU—The Associated Students of the University of Utah— having served in both the executive and legislative and branches. He is also the co-lead with his research in the department of biochemistry, and biology under Dr. David Belnap. Mohan aims to continue pursing his education in bioethics and looks forward advancing the future of Project Embrace through his interests of medicine and law.

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Gabrielle Hoyer

Chief Operations OFFICER

Gabrielle Hoyer is currently a junior at the University of Utah pursuing a B.S. degree in biomedical engineering with a minor in computer science. She is a researcher in the neural information lab under Dr. Chuck Dorval studying how deep brain stimulation may alleviate the motor symptoms of persons with Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, Gabrielle works under Dr. Erik Jorgensen researching the calcium control of synaptic function in order to further elucidate the molecular nature of memory. Gabrielle hopes to earn her Ph.D and is eager to apply her knowledge and experience to the development of Project Embrace.