It's not about recycling. It's about reusing.

Think of the last time you, or someone you know, owned a pair of crutches, a medical boot, or even a wheelchair. We use these various medical devices for a short amount of time, then what?

These devices are often used by one person, then never again, despite the devices’ potential to be reused. Thousands of these devices become clutter in U.S. households.

Instead of letting these devices gather dust, we collect, sanitize, and redistribute these devices to patients worldwide who otherwise have trouble accessing them.

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We collect.

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We sanitize.

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We give.


Our Projects

We fully embrace the idea of giving global good. Since the official founding of Project Embrace in 2017, we have had the opportunity to go global for campaigns, with more in store for the future. Click below to read more on our effort to #GiveGlobalGood.


India, Winter 2017

Project Embrace worked with the Vegesna Foundation, a nongovernmental rehabilitation center and school which currently serves over 250 children.


Eswatini (Swaziland), Fall 2017

Adventures in Missions built a new clinic with the Eswatini Ministry Partnership. Our devices helped supply their initiative.


Navajo Nation, Fall 2018

We partnered with The John A. Moran Eye Center, Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., and Active Re-entry Independent Living Programs to help run a pop-up ophthalmology clinic as well as donate two dozen medical devices to supply local clinics.