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We believe in giving healthcare to those who really deserve it.


In our minds, everything deserves a second chance.

Since 2016, Project Embrace has been a nonprofit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving previously-owned, durable medical equipment to be reused by patients, who have limited access to quality equipment, in developing communities both local and abroad.

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Support the cause.

We offer several ways to get involved. From volunteering at community events, to sponsoring global campaigns, there's no shortage of ways to  make a difference and #GiveGlobalGood.


Join us!

You have the opportunity to impact lives around the world by joining us to provide quality medical supplies to local professionals, assisting them in more effectively addressing local health care needs.

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Get involved.

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Volunteer with us.

One of the best things you can donate is your time. We know there's only so much of it in a day, and that's why we're so thankful for people like you. Click below to find out opportunities in your area.

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Donate equipment.

Have slightly used medical equipment lying around? Click below to find out how we can take it off your hands and give it to a good home.

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Sponsor a project.

We wouldn't be anything without our sponsors. Anything from sponsoring a mission across the globe to sponsoring our next pot of coffee helps us. Click below to find out how you can become a sponsor.

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