If college students can help…

You can, too.

You have the chance to help out someone in need by simply donating your old medical equipment or donating the cost of a cup of coffee for those long nights. You even have the chance to sponsor an entire project, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Think of all those warm, fuzzy feelings you’d get if you helped out. Read below to find out how you can help Project Embrace give global good, and get those nice feelings for yourself.

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Give to Project Embrace

Let's say you sprained your ankle a couple months ago and the doctor gave you some crutches. What did you do with the crutches when you could walk again? Did you throw them away or do you still have them? What some may view as trash is our view of giving global good. We'll take your used medical equipment and refurbish them to be sent to those who really need it. Click below to get in contact with us.